Appointment of Faculty

  1. Appointing the Search Committee 
    The Dean, in consultation with the appropriate Department Chair or immediate supervisor, shall appoint the search committee, and shall also appointment a Search Committee Chair to oversee this recruitment process. The search committee is advisory to the Dean. The search committee must include: (a) discipline specific faculty members and other non-discipline and clinical faculty (b) and at least one other faculty member who have earned a rank equal to or higher than the position being interviewed for. The search committee should include individuals with different perspectives and expertise and with a demonstrated commitment to diversity. In addition, a reputable community member (e.g., preceptor, scientist) may also serve on the committee, if deemed necessary by the Dean. The search committee's role is to search for qualified candidates and to evaluate such candidates. The Department Chair or immediate supervisor will meet with the committee at the beginning of each recruitment cycle to review:
    1. The importance of diversity and inclusion in hiring decisions;
    2. The advisory role of the committee;
    3. The need for the committee to maintain strict confidentiality;
    4. The need to refer inquiries and requests from the applicants to the committee Chairperson;
    5. Communication methods and preferences within the search committee, the campus community, candidates, and the practice sites if applicable;
    6. Support staff available to assist the search committee;
    7. A timeline for the selection process;
    8. The need for prompt and cordial acknowledgement of all applications and nominations;
    9. Selection criteria: e.g., position requirements and qualifications, teaching and research ability, references, presentation skills, ability to interact with colleagues;
    10. Compliance with state and federal law, and the University’s policies and procedures related to non-discrimination and equal employment opportunity
  2. Initial Screening of Applicants 
    The search committee shall have the primary responsibility for the initial screening of all applications and compiling the appropriate materials describing the applicant's educational and professional background, credentials, three (3) letters of recommendation, and other applicable materials. The committee will conduct initial teleconference/remote interviews (i.e., telephone internet/video conference) with top applicants as part of the selection process. In order to maintain a fair applicant selection process, no candidate will be permitted to have an in person meeting in lieu of the telephone or remote screening.
  3. Reviewing Applications 
    The search committee is responsible for reviewing applications from applicants under the direction of the Office of the Human Resources. Following the application review and the telephone/remote screenings, the search committee shall make a written recommendation to the Dean and Department Chair or immediate supervisor regarding which candidates possess the credentials and background to qualify them to be brought to campus for formal interviews. Final approval for applicant campus interviews is granted by the Dean.
  4. Interviews 
    During the on-campus interview, the candidate will meet with faculty, and appropriate College and University administrators. The candidate will also be asked to make formal presentation(s) to faculty, administrators, students, and other interested individuals. Input relative to the qualifications of the candidate will be solicited by the search committee from all individuals or groups meeting with the candidate. Candidates will be provided with a College information packet, including program brochure, benefits package, research lab information, practice lab information, and current faculty research, scholarship, and institutional pedagogy.
  5. Recommendations for Hiring 
    After all on-campus interviews are complete, the search committee will review all candidate evaluations and make a written recommendation to the candidates’ Department Chair or immediate supervisor and Dean regarding candidate acceptability in the form of a list of qualified candidates. Additionally, following completion of the search, the search committee Chair may recommend to the Dean to make an offer to a particular candidate(s) or to continue the search and selection process. Any departures from this process must be pre-approved by the Dean. All recommendations regarding qualified candidates and/or offers of employment from the search committee are advisory to the Dean. The Dean shall have the final authority on determination of qualifications of candidates and/or employment offers to qualified candidates.