Compensation and Benefits

  1. Salary
    Every faculty member may be considered for an annual salary modification. Salaries must be corresponding with faculty rank, responsibilities, and performance. When salary inequities exist, salary adjustments may be made by the appropriate Chair and or Dean in consultation with the other administrative officers. Recommendations for a change in faculty salary shall be based on uniformity considerations, a change in duties or responsibilities, and/or merit. Salary adjustments based on uniformity or changes in responsibilities may be recommended by the appropriate Chair or Dean. Merit salary increases shall be based on a faculty member’s performance in teaching, scholarly activities, and professional service and shall be made by the appropriate Chair or Dean in consultation with other administrative officers.
  2. Benefits
    Benefits for full-time faculty include but are not limited to health care coverage, retirement benefits, life insurance coverage, and a tuition remission program. With the ongoing changes in applicable federal and governmental regulations and the need of the University to keep necessary operational flexibility in the administration of policies and procedures, the University reserves the right to change or revise policies, procedures, and benefits without notice, whenever the University determines that such action is warranted.
  3. State Disability Insurance (SDI)
    Pursuant to the California Unemployment Insurance Code, disability insurance is payable when you cannot work because of illness or injury not caused by employment. If you are ill and cannot work, you may apply to receive State Disability (SDI) benefits that generally begin on the eighth day after you leave work. Compensation payments received through SDI may be supplemented by the use of your accumulated sick leave and/or vacation credits.