Governing Statute Number 1 Mission, Vision and Goals

I. CHSU COM Vision 

CHSU COM graduates will be committed to serving, and improving the healthcare outcomes of the underserved population in the Central Valley of California.

II. CHSU COM Mission

To graduate exceptional Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine by:

  1. Inspiring a diverse student body to commit to careers that serve our region, with a focus on recruiting students from the Central Valley;
  2. Developing compassionate, highly trained, intellectually curious, adaptive leaders capable of meeting the healthcare needs of the future through a performance-based education;
  3. Empowering people to teach, serve, research, innovate, and practice collaboratively in areas of skill and expertise in disciplines related to osteopathic medicine.


  1. Inspire diversity within and service to the local community through
    1. A college community whose diversity reflects that of the Central Valley;
    2. Educational experiences that focus on community partnerships, wellness, nutrition themes and the importance of the agriculturally based economy of the region.
  2. Develop and train quality Osteopathic Physicians through
    1. A college wide emphasis on the compassionate care of the underserved;
    2. Rigorous and innovative curriculum that emphasizes
      1. osteopathic principles and practices across the continuum of medical education;
      2. patient-centered education;
      3. integrated clinical presentations; 
      4. engagement with community partners;
      5. adaptive leadership skills;
      6. simulation-based experiences;
      7. team-based learning and other validated modalities;
    3. Pathways to competence in the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for the osteopathic profession;
    4. A quality enhancement program that identifies opportunities and implements improvements in teaching, learning and scholarship.
  3. Empower achievement through
    1. A learning environment that supports student mental, emotional, physical, relational and financial wellness;
    2. Comprehensive and robust mentorship, guidance and career advising;
    3. Faculty role models who are recognized as prominent thought leaders in their professional disciplines, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and in academia;
    4. The provision of opportunities and resources that enable relevant and impactful research and scholarly pursuits of both students and faculty;
    5. An innovative osteopathic medical education curriculum that aligns with other professional programs to support inter-professional collaboration and practice;

IV. Review and Revision of the COM's Mission, Vision and Goals

The COM’s mission, vision and goals shall be reviewed every five (5) years by the College Administrative Committee (CAC). The CAC shall make recommendations to the Dean regarding proposed changes to the existing mission, vision and goals, if any.

In determining whether the mission, vision and goals should be revised, the CAC and Dean shall consider, at a minimum, changes in the practice of medicine and/or medical education, and shall ensure any proposed changes are in line with the University’s mission, vision and goals.

After the CAC’s recommendation for review is submitted to the Dean, the Dean shall solicit feedback including comments and suggested revisions from the COM community, faculty, staff and other relevant stakeholders including the Dean’s Advisory Council. After receiving such feedback, the Dean shall submit to the Office of the Provost a summary of the process and feedback received, along with the proposed revisions or, if there are no revisions, a statement that no revisions are necessary. The Provost shall provide any updates to the President and the Board of Trustees as informational.