Secure Student Record-Keeping

This policy defines how CHSU will ensure that all student records, including but not limited to admissions, advisement, academic and career counseling, evaluation, grading and credits, are secured and retained as required by regulatory agencies and accreditation standards.

  1. All student records, whether the records are paper or electronic, are stored in a secure site. Records stored electronically are password protected and accessible only to authorized users. If unable to scan certain paper records, they will be stored in locked, fireproof file cabinets in a secure storage room.
  2. In compliance with the Family Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), students will be permitted to review their educational records within 45 days of written request to the Registrar’s office. Also, students may restrict disclosure of directory information by completing a “Nondisclosure of Directory Information Form” available from the Registrar’s office. The FERPA restriction will remain in effect until the Registrar’s office is notified in writing to remove the restriction.
  3. Complaints lodged by students through the different pathways will be maintained securely and according to all the provisions of FERPA in the Office of the Dean. The documentation will be maintained separately from the academic records of the student and be made available only for the purposes and to the individuals as permitted by CHSU policies.
  4. Training on FERPA compliance will be offered to all CHSU. The Office of Human Resources shall maintain records of such training. Periodically, CHSU will send FERPA reminders and information through a variety of distribution methods.