Student Advising 

The Student Advising Program is under the direction of the Provost’s designee. This program provides information for successful matriculation and professional development of our students, and key faculty members are utilized as resource personnel. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors as often as necessary, or once per semester at a minimum.

Students who are identified through academic alerts are required to participate in a formal academic advising program.

I. Faculty Members

Faculty members may be assigned to provide advice to students regarding academics and professional development “Faculty Advisors”). The responsibilities of faculty advisors are to:

  1. Participate in training programs provided by the Director of Student Affairs 
  2. Advise students as appropriate
  3. Meet with advisees at least once per semester
  4. Consult with advisees who have received an Academic Alert to monitor their progress.
  5. Provide status reports on each advisee to the office of Student Affairs at the end of each semester

II. Student Advisees 

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all departments, College, and University degree requirements as published in the academic catalog, and to insure that such requirements have been met or that appropriate waivers have been secured and filed in the office of the Registrar. The specific responsibilities of the advisees under this program are to:

  1. Complete the process for Formal Academic Advising in the case of an AcademicAlert.
  2. Meet with advisor at least once per semester.