Terms of Appointment

    CHSU issues initial contracts of employment to full-time faculty members upon hire. Initial contracts of employment are typically for a term beginning on the faculty member’s start-date through the end of that academic year (defined as July 1 – June 30). If a faculty member is hired during the spring semester, the initial term will typically run through the end of the next academic year at the sole discretion of the College dean and the Office of Human Resources in accordance with its applicable procedures. In some cases where a faculty member is very highly qualified for their position or are being hired to fill a critical need position, the faculty member may be issued a contract for longer than this typical initial term; such exceptions to the University’s standard practice require the approval of the dean of the applicable College, the Office of Human Resources, or the President.

    CHSU does not have tenure track positions. Accordingly, the employment contract carries with it no promise or implications of continuing employment beyond the terms of the contract.

    This policy applies only to faculty employment contracts; it does not apply to employment contracts for administrative positions (i.e., assistant dean, associate dean or other contracted administrative positions). This policy does not apply to at-will positions of any kind.
    All University employment contracts contain a non-renewal provision which permits the University to choose not to renew the employment contract for another term for any reason or no reason at all, with or without cause. If a faculty member’s contract will not be renewed, the faculty member shall receive notice in accordance with the terms of the contract.

    If a faculty member does not receive a notice of non-renewal, the faculty member’s contract shall renew in accordance with the terms of the contract, typically for another academic year. It is generally not necessary for a faculty member to receive a new contract in order to be re-appointed for the next school academic year; rather, the terms of the employment contract will provide for the renewal. However, the University reserves the right to issue a notice of non-renewal and offer a faculty member re-appointment under a new employment contract, in the University’s sole discretion. Additionally, from time to time, CHSU may re-issue faculty employment contracts for signature as updates to the agreements are made based on the needs of the University. CHSU may, but is not required, to re-issue faculty employment contracts for signature every year. If new faculty employment contracts are not re-issued for signature, salary modifications shall be documented on the Personnel Action Form (PAF) developed by the Office of Human Resources.

    Generally, the Office of Human Resources will issue notices of any possible salary increases and/or other changes to terms and conditions of employment, on or before June 15 of each academic year following approval of the upcoming year’s budget by the CHSU Board of Trustees and completion of performance reviews.
    Faculty members may become eligible for a multi-year employment contract if they meet all of the following criteria listed below:

    A. The faculty member has received at least one annual performance reviews with an overall “Meets Expectation” score (or higher);
    B. Exceeds expectations in collegiality;
    C. Exceeds expectations in either teaching or scholarship;
    D. The Dean has approved the issuance of the multi-year contract; and
    E. The Office of Human Resources has approved the issuance of the multi-year contract.

    Subsequent to receiving a multi-year contract, in the event a faculty member receives an overall “Meets Some But Not All” (or lower) on an annual performance review or receives a “Meets Some But Not All” (or lower) in any of the subcategories of their evaluation, then the faculty member is no longer eligible for a multi-year contract effective the following July 1. In this case, the faculty member will typically receive a one (1) year contract effective the following July 1, at the discretion of the Dean of the appropriate college and subject to approval from the Office of Human Resources.